As you’ve likely seen in email, one of the highlights of this last weekend was breaching whales. Sunday morning had been a bit slow on the whale observation platform, both the whale count and the visitor count were lower than on Saturday. Just after the afternoon shift arrived, a whale breached a handful of times well off the north side of the observation platform. Perhaps it was Joey that brought great whale karma as this happened within seconds of her arrival. Carlo took a number of photos and the consensus seems to be that it is a gray whale. A bit later in the afternoon, I was helping a visitor to understand how to best look for whales. As I pointed just north of the platform and said, “if you look out in this direction”, as if on queue, another whale breached. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than to be good. 🙂 This was the first whale that the visitor had seen.

If you haven’t seen it, this is Sarah Codde’s 1/5 newsletter detailing the elephant seal numbers and activity. Lots is happening and females are “arriving in droves”.

Those that stayed in the park until sunset yesterday were treated to a beautiful sunset!!