Hello Docents, my apologies for the dearth of blog posts over the last 1-2 weeks.

I wanted to share an experience from last week. After sending the reminder email for the upcoming docent shifts, I received an invitation to dinner at the lifeboat station on Saturday night. Dinner was to be potluck style and I happily signed up for dessert. When I arrived at the lifeboat station, pasta, salad and bread were all being prepared. The coffee table was moved out of the front room, a folding table and ten folding chairs were brought into the room. Not everyone at the lifeboat station brought food, or even new that this dinner would be happening, but there was plenty of food for all. We sat. We ate. We shared stories. We laughed. We enjoyed getting to know each other. A community table and a community meal goes a long way in fostering community.

It was an awesome experience and this concept is something that these docents have been doing for years. It does take a bit coordination and effort, though not a tremendous amount. If you want to reach out to others that are sharing the lifeboat station on your weekends, simply reply to my you-are-on-for-the-upcomming-weekend  email and say, “hey I’m staying at the lifeboat station, please share my email address with others that are staying”.

Lastly, time at the lifeboat station means different things to different people. Some people enjoy going for nighttime hikes, some people enjoy a solo sunset experience and some people enjoy peace and solitude, so don’t be offended if not everyone participates.