A quick thanks to each of the docents that were out in the park this last weekend. As Carlo mentioned, despite the mixed weather, visitation was surprisingly high. I was at KPVC Monday morning and she was still on the beach.

Sadly Monday was the last elephant seal count of the season. There were lots of weaners playing in the water and still quite a few sub-adult males on the beach. Below the elephant seal overlook there were even several molting females that had returned from successful foraging trips. While it was a beautiful day to be on the beach, it was disappointing to see such a large amount of plastic throughout the survey. The above photo was taking just south of KPVC. This plastic wasn’t deposited by visitors, it has washed ashore. šŸ™

In the spirit of driving positive change, I’d encourage you all to inspire action when interpreting in the park. Encouraging visitors to think about what changes they can make in their daily lives to help to take better care of our planet is a great way to end programs and even a good parting call to action for informal interpretation. Here are some ideas to spur thinking: reduce single-use plastics, choose not to eat (or to eat less) marine wildlife, participate in a beach cleanups, use reef-safe sunscreen, etc.. Lastly, there is talk about doing a beach cleanup, once Drakes Beach opens, in front of KPVC. Carlo or May will keep us posted as plans for this activity progress. It would be awesome to have a crew of docents helping with the cleanup.

Have a great week all!!