By Allison Culver, lead docent

What are these “beautiful” concrete barriers doing here? These  4,000 pound k-barriers are here at the request of Sarah Codde, if Sarah has a title it belongs here. The barriers are to deter the elephant seals from going into the parking lot. As many of you may know, the elephant seals like to venture into the parking lot. Last weekend a sub-adult became tired of the comfy ice plant and wormed his way to the asphalt. Hence, the motivation for the k-barriers.

In the picture, you will see a trench in the ice plant. The k-barriers were intended to go into the trench. The construction workers and Sarah found the barriers to be wobbly. The decision was made to move the barriers to the sidewalk. The trench will not be filled in, because we are hoping that it will act as another obstacle for the elephant seals. 

Worried about beach access? No need to! The beach can be accessed through the openings in the k-barriers. Hopefully, the seals won’t discover the openings into the parking lot. 


P.S. These barriers do have some graffiti on them. We are planning on painting the barriers. If you are interested in joining us to paint, please email me.