Seals During Shutdown

On Tuesday, I went to the elephant seal overlook to check things out and was delighted to hear the loud sounds of e seal pups as soon as I opened my car door at the Chimney Rock parking lot. I scoped out the seals and counted 9 pups and a total of about 80 seals from the overlook. I then walked to the end of Chimney Rock trail and spent 30 minutes whale watching but no joy.  I very much…

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Wow! What a Day! – Blog Post by Faith Fisher

After reading in Sean’s blog that the whale count was 100+ on Saturday, March 17, I wanted to share my experiences. It was a beautiful day at the headlands. Overall the weather was perfect for whale watching, a light breeze, and partly cloudy skies. When I saw two blows off South Beach on my way to the docent meeting at Drakes Beach I hoped it was a sign of more to come. By the time I arrived at my first…

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Humpback Whales and Drones – Blog Post by Sterling Hada

What do marine mammals, specifically humpback whales, and drones have in common? The answer depends on your perspective. If you’re with the National Park Service, likely you hope the two never meet. If, however, you’re a biologist, it’s possible you might use one to study the other. That is exactly what Amy Apprill, an associate scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, is doing. Within the last few years, scientists have found that there exist, on and in humans, colonies of…

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